Raw Fuckin' Around the Xmas Tree

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When I started sucking face with lean muscle stud Bryan Adams next to the Xmas tree, I felt something hard and juicy pressed into my crotch. That was a present I needed to unwrap, and fast! Getting that beast into my hands and mouth was just what I wanted for the ho-ho-holidays, and when Bryan peeled off his shirt to show off some tats and a nice sprinkling of natural chest hair, we were off to the races. I opened wide to get it all the way down and sniffed his rough masculine scent. Kneeling down next to the tree, he got my cock just as hard and wet with spit and precum.

I bent over onto all fours and Bryan got a mouthful of my cockhungry ass, running his tongue along the hairy crack between my big muscular cheeks. "Yeah, baby, gonna give me that big dick?" I moaned. He slid into my spit-soaked hole and gave me what I needed. His raw, bareback pole pushed in to the root and he began pumping, big rough hands gripping my hips to brace each stroke. When he sat down I wasted no time grinding my hole onto his massive ass-splitter. Dug one hand into his hairy chest and started beating with the other. He pulled away and stood to whip up a batch of sticky yuletide cheer for me to gobble down. Dripping with cum from my mouth to chest, I was fucked-out and ready for a long winter's nap.