Take It From Daddy

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Eduardo Menzorra may only be a few years older than Augusto Phellipe, but this hot Brazilian muscleman has the authority and natural dominance to be a perfect daddy to the sexy muscle bottom. After a few deep kisses, Augusto drops to his knees and begins deep-throating Eduardo's cock. He obediently bends over for a sloppy wet rimjob. Eduardo sucks on Augusto's nuts as he beats his thirsty buddy's stiff dick. He stands behind and presses his woody deep into Augusto's fuckhungry hole.

Augusto lets his head drop to his arms and just lets Daddy take control. He can't help backing his booty into Eduardo's masterful thrusts, though. Eduardo gives him aq sharp little smack across the ass just to remind him who's the boss. Augusto's lusty groans are all the agreement he needs to hear. Augusto props one leg up to open his hole even more for Eduardo's plowing. He grabs his own cock and starts beating. Both bareback studs are getting close. Eduardo's first with a creamy squirt straight up into Augusto's love tunnel. With a sticky splatter to the floor below, Augusto blows his load as Daddy keeps fucking his wad in deeper.