Alex's Big Floppy Balls

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Meet Alex Finn, just wait till you see what he's packing! Yep some big floppy hairy swinginballs and a big 8.5 fat cock. Us big ball lovers will enjoy this one! We get to talk to Alex about his balls and sum of his sexual desires and his likes in men! Of course JS Wild can wait to see what Alex has been talking about so out comes the balls and cock! Damn you know JS went crazy asking all kinds of questions about his big hairy low hangers!

Well enough questions and on the to show! Like most guys he's quiet at first but after seeing how JS loves his soft cock and balls flopping around he knows just what to do! He lets us get right up and close to his big balls so we can see every movement and angle! Fuck how hot to see his big low hangers hanging from the ass end? We see every hair, vein and crease of that hot hairy hole and balls!

After showing off for a bit he starts to get that fat cock hard and bouncing his balls from time to time. Then we notice that fat vein in his thick meat! Damn that's sexy as fuck! He continues stroking and playing with his balls until he gets a bit board and is looking for something to get him hard again. Well JS Wild is not going to let this opportunity to play with these balls and cock pass by. So with a willing model JS starts stroking his big cock and balls. Alex starts moaning in no time as he gives up control of his cock, at times still reaching for it, so at one point JS just let him.

Those balls now needed some attention and JS knew just what to do, stroking and pulling with just enough tugging and play until he called enough. Then it was all cock stroking and ball play! Alex loved the way his cock was stroked from behind and he moaned to let us know! One moan more and it was a blast of thick cum! While taking pics Alex admitted he had never cum by a hand job before! With that being said the cum was applied like lotion covering the balls and cock, so needless to say JS Wild went in for the clean up!