2019's Best: Your Japanboyz Dick-Stroking Faves

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We are giving you the Top 10 uncensored action scenes from 2019 in this 4 part series from Japanboyz according to the ratings of our horny and attentive members. First for your jacking enjoyment, the spectacular matchup between longtime favorite Fuji and hungry Asian bottom boy Sano. There's no time wasted here with greetings or conversation. These Japanese boys strip each other down and get to the naughty fun. Fuji's tawny, perfect ass bobs open and inviting to the camera as he slurps Sano's dick and fully loaded nuts. When Sano returns the favor, his hard cock wants to get into his buddy's hole! He slathers on the lube while Fuji climbs on for a deep-thrusting test ride. We see some beautiful overhead angles of dick-hungry Fuji grinding his hole onto Sano's woody. When he lies back with his legs up, Sano happily plows in deep. They can't take much more of this tight juicy ass action, and both splatter sticky loads of male seed on Fuji's gorgeous tight abs.

Part two gives us a scorching Japanese male buttfuck between Yusaku and Ryuzaki. Naked, grinding and making out like horny beasts, Yusaku sliding down to get a mouthful of nipple and then Ryuzaki's thick stiff cock. Looks so tasty that Ryu wants some of that action for himself and starts sucking down Yusaku's rock-hard piece. Yusaku slides a long slim finger into the sexy young bottom, opens him up for the real thing. Ryu's cock-starved butthole fits him like a glove so he starts pumping in fast and deep. He slams Ryu from every angle, finally lying on top and humping him like an animal. Lying close on the bed, Ryuzaki and Yusaku let their creamy pent-up loads fly.

This all-star lineup concludes with popular Asian studs Yugi and Tomohisa. Tomo gorges on Yugi's nipple then his long, glistening piece. Then Tomo gets on all fours with ass turned up to Yugi's lubed-up fingers. On his back with ankles spread high and wide, he takes every inch of Yugi's hard tool. Lube drips from the hot Asian's butthole as he rides Yugi. When they pull apart, Tomo twiddles his horny top's nip and the sperm starts spraying. Tomo gets himself off softly squeezing his nutsack, and the two spermy sex athletes take to a hot soapy shower.