Romancin' My Boy Bryson

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It's fun starting out with a bit of romance and making out, like this hookup with my very oral buddy Bryson Belair. He gives me a hot smacker of a kiss with his big thick lips, then nurses on my muscle daddy nips like a good submissive boy. He wants to worship Daddy, and who am I to deprive him? He nuzzles and sniffs my nuts and crotch till I drop my shorts, give him a chance to swallow my big boner. I make him beg a little while I'm fucking his juicy mouth.

I think it's time for more than a hot dick sucking, especially when I get a look at his beautiful hairy ass. I dive in and run my tongue up from ballsack to hole, then lick and suck till he's lubed up with a gob of my spit. He's open and asking for a raw fuck from Daddy. I pound his hole bareback and feel the tickle of his ass against my pubes. When I grab his shoulder he leans up, backs right into my hard cock. Lube and precum are dripping down his hairy crack. When he and I are both panting to cum, I grab his face and paint it with a thick splatter of Daddy seed. It only takes a few strokes before Bryson's spraying jizz all over my chest. What a good boy to take all Daddy's cock and cum.