Boning a Gay Romeo

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Lovers of superhot Latin gay porn will get as hot and sweaty as I was in this cum-drenched and romantic hookup with a real-life Romeo. Right from the start we were kissing and feeling every inch of each other's hard bodies and crotches.I dropped to my knees to take every inch of his stiff Brazilian cock in my mouth, drooling every moment.

When it was time to get a taste of my hairy Latin daddy ass, tatted muscle stud Romeo Davis spread my cheeks and sucked deep. I backed my butt into his handsome bearded face until it was time to get it slammed full of insatiable, uncut raw meat. Romeo pumped my hole so sweet and hard, pulling out to drill back in to the root. I rolled over to take it deeper, then he lubed his fist to punch open my hole. I was gaping wide when he jerked his load onto my dick-hungry, quivering ass. Thanks for the load, lover boy!



Thank you for bringing one of my favorite Tops, Romeo Davis, on board! Please bring him back soon!

I luv the appearance of the Brazilian models. I just wish that there were more scenes of them bottoming or at least with Dominic Pacifico flip-flopping with them. It really would have been hot to see Romeo bottom.

Hot! Great verbal.