Dominic Does Brazil Ep 4: Stairway to Piss Heaven

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Back in Sao Paulo for the weekend, I was just chilling when I started chatting with Kaliu. While he sent me photos showing me his shaved head, big uncut cock and perfect smooth bubble butt my cock was throbbing; I gave him my address and minutes later he was at my place (fortunately he was close by).

Kaliu and I didn't waste anytime. We started making out, and as people know I love armpits and was soon sniffing his hot musty pits. That got me rock hard, and loyal Kaliu noticed and started sucking my dick. I pounded my dick into his face, fucking his wet mouth as he slurped it up like a good little Brazilian bitch, drooling all over it. He then offered up his own dick and fucked my mouth, I don't mind being the bitch either but today I had to prove I'm on top.

I bent him over, slid my tongue up his wet little hole. I couldn't take it and had to just stick my dick right in, fucking him bent over on the stairs. First fucking him doggy, than getting him to ride on top, it felt great making him my sexy little bitch. But to really mark my territory, I had to take it a step further telling him to open up his mouth and stick out his tongue, I sprayed my piss over him. My little piss boy loved soaking in my piss. All soaking wet from my dick's liquid and feeling comfortably drained, I stuffed his my wet dick back up his juicy hole. I shot my load all over his ass and blew his all over my face; what a perfect ending to a perfect adventure in Brazil!


Fucking fantastic. Make 'em all like this, please!

Fucking hot!