So Deep

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My boyfriend Casey Everett and Jack Hunter had been waiting to fuck each other, texting back and forth for months so when their paths finally met I didn't waste any time catching their encounter on video. The video starts with some intimate kissing and it didn't take long at all for Jack's big fat dick to get visibly hard. Casey also wasted no time sucking on the big white dick I knew he was craving. Turning Casey over, Jack buried his face and tongue deep in Casey's eager hole. All lubed up with Jack's saliva, in went Jack the Hunter's big cock, with Casey moaning in ecstacy "It's so deep." Wanting to get it even deeper, Casey's legs went over his head as Jack plowed down into the hole. Harder and deeper they fucked until Casey blew his huge load with a scream of ecstasy. Jack didn't waste any time shooting his either, and then licked it up and gave Casey a final kiss. It was a perfect fuck, and I couldn't be happier watching another man fill Casey's hot little hole deep with the carnal desire he craves.


What energy, such a hot fucking scene.

Dominic. I am so glad to know that Casey is still your boyfriend. That warms my heart for both of you--especially you whom I have seen become a full-fledged super sex man.