Black Box: Double Fist Gimp

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Dominic has his sub chained and cuffed, lying helpless in a gimp suit. His head is in a black leather pup mask, and the shiny latex jeans on his long slim legs are no match when Dominic snips away to open up the ass to an all-out anal assault. As the gimp groans in pleasure, Dominic slides each gloved hand up his wide open hole. Slicked and ready for more, his ass drips long strings of the gooey fisting lubricant.

One fist after the other, Dominic opens up the gimp till he's ready for a gigantic toy. The mushroom head is bigger than a fist, and its flexible shaft is thick as a muscular arm. Then fists go back in and the gimp lets his rosebud push out and bloom.

Dominic lubes up both hands and begins punching in hard with double fists, stopping only occasionally for the "gimp" to push out as much ass as he can. He begs Dominic to stretch him more, beating his cock the whole time. He reaches down in amazement to feel both Dominic's fists fully buried in his ravenous hole.


Bring back the bottom!

Absolutely ffirst class! I do hope this talented guy returns. His ravenous arse needs attention and I don't think that I will ever get enough of that delicious rosebud and prolapse!