A Fellow Guest Takes Dominics Dick

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Dominic is chatting on his phone in the hall outside his room at the guesthouse when handsome, crewcut stud Ryan Russell steps out of the bathroom and downstairs to his room with a long, cruising glance. Dominic follows him down and finds Ryan naked and posed with a hardon across his bed. Dominic steps in and begins sucking Ryan's long cock.

Dominic stands for Ryan to stretch out on the bed and get his face rammed full of uncut Latin meat. He pivots around and gets his hole eaten out and prodded by Dominic's nimble finger. Fingers and a mouth feel great, but a guy needs more up his ass sometimes, and Dominic is happy to thrust on in and satisfy the horny guest. He pummels him from behind, then turns so Ryan can get a hot ride.

Ryan grinds down onto the cock, then holds himself a few inches above so Dominic can cram in hard. He holds his legs up as he lies down so Dominic can let loose and fuck as hard as he wants. Dominic can't hold back and pulls out to slather a thick creamy load across his fellow guest, then gives him a juicy kiss goodbye.