Dreaming Of A Jock Dick

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Dominic nods off in his chair and wakes up to (or dreams) Rody Daily going down on his big dick. Rod is muscular and a tough boy with tats and facial piercings. He sucks hard on Dom's uncut meat like it was his last meal. Drooling and jacking on the massive pole, it looks like a very hot wet blowjob.

Also hot and wet is Dominic's beautiful ass, when Rod gets a mouthful and dives in for more. Rod's own cock is long, upturned and trimmed close, as we notice when Dominic takes to his knees and starts sucking. Turned on by the big muscle stud, Dominic props one knee up on the desk and gets an ass full of big throbbing cock. Rod pumps hard and deep, grabbing Dom's shoulder and hip to ram it even more. When they turn over Rod's balls slap against Dominic with every rough stroke. He shoots a major wad across Dominic's beard and Dominic responds, beating his cock to a juicy climax across his fuzzy abs.


So suckalicious! So fuckaligious! The pounding, the grounding, the gasps and the grunts of gay male sex at its best.

What a great dream! I have had similar ones about men whom I wish would fuck me. Thank you for this scene, Dominic.