Dominic Fucks That Muscle Ass

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The ass in question belongs to built stud JR Bronson, who's stretched across the sofa jacking his cock. His taut abs flex and ripple with every stroke. Dominic comes in with dick already fully hard, and JR goes to town slathering it with saliva and gobbling it down. Dominic reaches down into the muscleman's crack and can't resist diving in for a taste.

While Dom starts rolling on a condom behind him, JR flexes and juts out his big meaty butt. Dominic glides in and starts pumping the hungry hole. JR groans out encouragement and pleads for more, his ass held captive by the massive uncut pole. As Dominic sits on the coffee table, JR straddles and rides the dick with abandon, his own cock swinging wildly. The minute he puts his hand on his prick JR starts firing off a half-dozen spurts that splatter his abs and thighs. He lies down to get a hot cumbath from Dominic's juicy cock.


Another thing worth noting about this scene: I find it so arousing when the receiver makes noise. It's seems only natural. JR was obviously enjoying Dominic's dick.

Indeed, JR is a stud. But Dominic, I am still blown away by your dick, flat abdomen, perfect ass, toned body, and good looks. What a sexy man! What a sexy scene!