The Most Accommodating Host

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After showing DJ Pornstar Dominic to his guesthouse room in London, Stuart Ross comes up with towels. Dominic needs more than a morning wakeup from the hot blond twink, who strips down and starts nibbling Dominic's nips. He pulls down Dom's briefs and gorges on hot Latin uncut meat. Dominic kneels on the bed and gives his host a wet juicy blowjob in return.

Stuart plants his feet on both sides of the ornate bed, steadies against the headboard. Dominic sucks on his hair-framed butthole, wrapping his arms around the blond lad's lean hips. Stuart bounces on Dominic's hardon while he tenderly cups Dom's head in his hands. Dominic holds his wrists while the lad grinds back and forth to work his ass into the deep hard fuck. Stuart pulls his knees back and opens his hole wide as possible as Dominic goes in even deeper. Dominic grabs an ankle and starts pumping faster as the young stud splatters cum all over himself. The happy guest showers his host with a tasty glaze of sperm, finally ready to start his day.