Tate Gets Pounded Good

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Kieron Ryan is man enough to overwhelm Young stud Tate Ryder with his thick solid muscles and gruff demeanor. He licks Tate's sweaty pits and works down his surf jams. Tate goes down on Kieron's straight thick cock, spitting a big wad on to slick the way. Tate's cheeks puff out as his mouth is packed full of massive dick. Kieron grabs Tates butt cheeks and runs his tongue across the tatted stud's sensitive hole. Once it's wet and juicy, it's ready for Kieron to ram on in.

Kieron thrusts hard, holding Tate's hips to assure the deepest penetration. Tate grimaces in a hot mix of pain and ecstasy while his hole opens up to the rough invader. He reaches under to stroke his cock, his ass pumped full. Both guys buck like wild beasts, Tate's head getting knocked back to the point of whiplash. They gentle things down when Tate rolls onto his back, getting ridden hard and beat off at the same time. It's all too much fun for his hole and prick, and he has to let his cum fly. A huge load fucked out of him, Tate lies back and lets Kieron drench him with his own batch of thick white cream.


P.S. I forgot to mention that I always wanted a body like yours--from top to bottom.

Tate, you are such a handsome dude. I also would say cute--but in a very masculine way. Meanwhile, I love it when you smile. Your face captivates me. What's more, your slender body is so very appealing to me. Though this was not my favorite (the scene with Dominic is amazing) I enjoyed seeing you again and hope you appear in more scenes.