Tate Bangs Dominic Poolside

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Tate Ryder is over sunning on Dominic's pool deck, with both tan studs in matching sky blue briefs. Their bulges are thick and meaty, straining the thin fabric of their underwear as they stand and make out. Tate drops to his knees and worships Dom's thick brown uncut pole, lickis under the foreskin and caresses the tight nutsack. Dominic groans and tosses his head back in ecstasy. He jacks against Tate's tight warm pecs when the young stud licks his chest and nipples.

Switching stances, Dominic jacks on his knees while Tate fucks his face, grabbing his head to fuck deep into Dom's throat. Dominic crouches ass up and Tate gives his nuts a gentle tug, buries his face in that hot puckered hole. He smooths on a condom and plows in, grabbing a shoulder for extra leverage. Dominic flexes his cheeks into two bronzed orbs while Tate thrusts in hard and fast. Tate pins back a leg to drive in deep when Dominic turns to lie on his back. Guttural moans are only interrupted when they pause to kiss deeply. Balls slap against booty and they can't wait another second. Dominic beats out a wild spray across his fuzzy belly and furry pubes. A gob of cum collects at the tip when he jacks his foreskin over the head. Tate erupts in a stream of molten sperm and they kiss to top off a hot noonday fuck.


WOW! This was delightful. This was delicious. This was dynamic from beginning to end. Without a doubt among my favorite scenes. Two lovers at the poolside as the sun rises. They start their day with an amazingly sensual and sensational communion, a deep and delectable connection, and a undeterred consummation of their friendship, partnership, or marriage. Is it loneliness, love, or lust that drives them? Perhaps a bit of all three forces. Meanwhile, the background noise could not distract me, not disturb me, nor dull my senses to this powerful scene. Many thanks, Tate and Dominic.