A Sensual Fuck For Luigi

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Luigi D'Avila and Ian Sol are finishing up a game of pool, and the loser gets fucked. That unlucky, or lucky, stud is Ian. He certainly smiles like someone who DIDN'T just lose a match. They strip down and Luigi grabs Ian by the scruff of his neck just to show who's boss. He nibbles Ian's taut little nipples and licks from crotch to abs, then pulls out that big uncut brown cock to get a musky mouthful. Ian lies back and relaxes, knowing he'll be getting more than a mouthful from hung Luigi.

Ian yanks down Luigi's white shorts and worships Luigi's long straight dick, sucking so deep his lip graze the fuzzy bush of pubes. He leans forward, braces against the wall. Luigi tenderizes that firm round booty with a few slaps and dives in for a taste. Ian's fuzzy cheeks are slick with his saliva when Luigi drives in a probing finger. His cock faces no resistance from horny Ian when he glides in and starts to pump. It's a team effort of Luigi thrusting and Ian backing on to that fiery rockhard cock.

From underneath we see the long smooth strokes as Luigi plows in to the hilt and Ian jacks his swollen pole. Both panting and working up a sweat, they can't hold out much longer. Luigi drives it home hard, then pulls out just in time to glaze Ian's chest with a slick hot coat of man-made cream.