Ludo's Lucky Day

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A hot afternoon doesn't take much to make it perfect--a vacant bed and a revved-up Dominic to lick and worship is a good enough start for lean, dark-haired Ludo. he dives in to suck the taste and inhale the warm musk of Dominic's pits, nurse on his hot little nipples, all while grazing the waistband of Dom's jeans and dreaming about the big hot surprise inside for him to suck. Jeans pulled down, Dominic's cock fits his mouth like a glove, especially when Ludo gets it fucked into his throat. Dominic slaps that meaty monster across his butt cheeks and gives a push as Ludo opens his hole and braces for the hot fuck that is cumming soon.

Dominic rides him like a bronco, grabbing shoulders or hips to plow straight and deep inside the horny twink. A gob of spit runs down Ludo's crack and provides lube on the go without Dominic missing a single stroke. The young stud rolls on his back and splays his legs open for Dominic to grab hold and pummel his cockstarved ass. Ludo beats faster , focused on letting his cum spray out and fly free. Dominic splatters Ludo's belly first, then pumps his cock back in while the twink spurts a hefty load to top off his lucky day.


A young boy, worshiping the man of his dreams. Each kiss an affirmation of the Dominic Pacifico I also was introduced to in scenes so tender, so sensual, so loving and satisfying. Though I am older than he, how I wish I would have met a man like him in my youth! And how I wish to see more of this man, Dominic, "mentoring" many other young men, like you Ludo, who are waiting to be wanted, needed, loved.

I appreciate how tender this scene begins, then evolves into a passionate pounding. Ludo loves every thrust of the Master. Then again, who of us would not enjoy Dominic's deep dish dick. Meanwhile, Ludo is an adorable bottom. So ready, so willing, so eager to please and be pleased. With legs spread wide he says, "Come..,. Harder... Deeper... Cum."

This scene was so satisfying to me. Although what scene with Dominic would not be satisfying to me. Thanks you.