Uncut Afternoon Delight

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Dominic's buddy Damon Santiago is a tall, slim Venezuelan with a scruffy beard and deep penetrating eyes. They make out of the couch, kissing long and hard. Dominic pulls down Damon's swimsuit, and Damon works down Dominic's and moves in to suck his thick piece. Damon's belly and pubes are shaved and stubbly, and his cock is big and deep brown. Dominic takes it down in one long swallow and opens up for every thrust as Damon fucks into his hungry throat.

Damon reaches around and pulls Dominic's cheeks wide open to lick and fuck him with his nimble tongue. He places the head of his cock against Dom's ass and lets him back into and swallow his hard thick meat. He pounds forcefully against his buddy's butt, Dominic meeting every thrust with an equal push back. Damon's balls slap at his taint as he pumps harder.

Then Damon straddles Dominic's lap and grinds his ass down onto his hard cock. His own cock bobs and swings around while he slams down onto the thick engorged pole. Dominic turns him over and drives into Damon's smooth bronze ass. Damon closes his eyes and grits his pearly teeth as he jerks faster, getting a huge load fucked out of him before Dominic pulls out and splashes a hot one across his thighs and taut belly.


Tall, dark, handsome--Damon is a hot! You, Dominic, just happen to be hotter. Anyway, my only wish is that Damon would have kissed you while fucking you. I believe you were giving him cues, but he just didn't pick up on it. Then again, this was his first scene.