The Perfect Wake Up Session

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Lance steps softly in to see sculpted Brandon napping on the bed. It's not any deep sleep, the moment Lance digs into his shorts to taste Brandon's hard cock he wakes groggily and smiles. Putting a hand around Lance's neck as his head bobs up and down, Brandon's hips pump to drive his cock deeper into Lance's juicy mouth. He cups a hand around his balls and keeps his stiff pole up in Lance's face.

Shorts peel down and both muscular studs are naked, with Brandon getting his mouth pumped full of Lance's bronze Latin cock. Lance runs his hand down Brandon's muscular crack. Drooling a wad of spit into the crack, he dives in and tongues Brandon's hot throbbing hole. Grimacing in sexual need he drives his cock deep into his buddy's welcoming ass. Brandon turns over to ride the cock, muscular thighs grinding his hole down onto Lance.

As the tempo picks up, Brandon lies back and spreads his legs and hole wide open. Lance grips his legs and plows in hard, Brandon beating off forcefully with every powerful stroke. They're at the boiling point. Bodies knit together in a fast, deep rhythm, Brandon tips his head back and moans, erupting in a fuck-charged load all over his taut abs. Lance spurts into Brandon's mouth and sprays his face with a hot volley of sperm shots.


Gorgeous men in an unimaginative, vanilla scene.