Vintage: A Cum Squirting Solo Jerk

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Working his lean hard muscles always gets Dominic's balls in gear, so when he towels off, his dick is already growing. It pushes against the black net of his jock and he runs his hand down the sweaty crevice of his ass. Fingers find his hole and plunge in. His ass throbs and twitches in need of stimulation, and he works it with deft fingers.

Dominic lies back on the couch and slobbers onto his hand before working it back into his fuckstarved ass. His cock is now so hard he can't ignore it a second more.

Beating off with one hand and fingering his hole with the other, he works up to the point of no return. Fist pounding feverishly, he erupts in a hot flow of sperm that coats his fist and dickhead. He lets a heavy drip cling to his thumb as he strokes one more time.