Getting Intimate With Brandon

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Dominic introduces his buddy, goateed and crew-cut lean muscleboy Brandon. Brandon has a chiseled face and thick blowjob lips, and smirks knowingly at the camera as he plunges a hand down into his shorts. Groping his bulging crotch, he peels down his pants and gets to work.

The shorts come off and we see Brandon's lean, defined legs and perfect abs. Holding his nuts and stroking with the other hand, his cock thickens and grows to its full XL size. His hand dives down into his ass crack, then a spit-soaked finger finds its way into his eager hole. One finger turns to two or three, not quite the whole fist. But his ass is hungry, and the more he works it, the harder his cock gets.

A big fleshy dildo is the tool Brandon needs to get off, and he slides it effortlessly in and out his beautiful hole. He pumps his hips in time with the anal invasion. He sits back and takes it all the way to the testicled base. Lying back he drives it in quicker, beating his dick with the other fist. Brandon can't hold back long, and splatters his tight abs with a sheen of juicy sperm.