Anally Slammed By Adam!

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Dominic and sexy bald Adam are making out on the banquette of a sexy club orgy room, Dominic's videos playing on a strip of monitors just behind them. Dominic helps himself to a throatful of Adam while the shave stud grabs his ass cheeks and gives them a little smack. Dominic pumps his ass while Adam's hand slides along the hot crack. Adam runs his tongue across the hole, dives in to get a mouthful of muscle ass. Dominic pushes back in deep arousal and need.

Up and on his knees, Adam drives his cock into Dominic's hungry hole. He braces himself with a hand on the bronze muscleman's hip and pumps in to the hilt. He throws his arms and head back in abandon while Dominic seethes and pumps his ass back to meet the hard thrusts. Adam slides a black dildo into Dominic's throbbing hole, works it around. He stands up and plows in from behind, mirrors reflecting an endless parade of the hard-fucking duo. Dominic groans and begs for dick and Adam rides him like a stallion. Pulling out, he glazes Dominic's thick strong pecs with cum. Drenched Dominic follows with a fistful of his own hot juice.